Google Reader

Nowadays Google Reader is no longer in usage, but a “follow button” for Chrome that Google has been trying out since May may prove to be the next best thing for RSS tracking. The mentioned feature was initially limited to the experimental Canary versions of Chrome on Android, however now it has become functional on stable versions of the browser too. As Adrienne Porter Felt, an engineering director at Google, said about this update: “We’re rolling out a new feature over the next couple of days that’ll let you see RSS and other subscription activity right in your browser toolbar… even if you don’t use our Sync service!”

The Chrome follow button is a mobile-only feature. To enable it, open your phone’s “Chrome” app, go to settings and search in the list of options for “web marks”. It’s currently in beta mode and not yet available on any other platform including desktop. But we can only hope that eventually Google might expand this service to more platforms to at least make it easier for desktop users to be able to take advantage of it.